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Sheena Iyengar February 25, 2011

Filed under: General Sessions — mhaakmat @ 2:59 pm

Okay. I have spent the whole day in various conversations about Ms. Iyengar’s remarks in the the first general session trying to figure out how what she spoke about tied into the theme of advancing our public purpose. While I personally liked what Ms. Iyengar said about choice and leadership, I felt left to connect the dots between Pat Basset’s charge to answer the questions about whether independent schools are doing enough to claim service to a public purpose and her talk. I suppose I could stretch the link to be that Ms. Iyengar spoke of choice and that relates directly to the tremendous choice that we as independent leaders have given the resources of our schools to stake our claim and really put our money where our mouths are in terms of doing public service and good. But this is a lot to expect us to put together. How great would it have been for Pat Bassett to coordinate with Sheena Iyengar to build a clear bridge for independent school leaders to see themselves as change agents for the greater good? Ms. Iyengar had a lot of important ideas to share, but this felt like a missed opportunity for bridging the gap between nice thoughts and real action.

…still fighting that urge to not settle for complacency. What more can we and should we be doing?


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