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What Am I Doing to Serve a Public Purpose? February 25, 2011

Filed under: Workshops — mhaakmat @ 3:02 pm

This workshop, led by independent school leaders, focused on responding with a public purpose beyond financial aid. I sat and listened to the four speakers outline the ways they have reached beyond the walls of their schools to provide opportunities to students beyond their campuses. I was inspired. I was so proud. I was in despair by the end of the workshop.

Are we doing enough? How many of our efforts actually help to keep the status quo of privilege and power? When we figure out ways to bring under-served students into the fold of independent schools, is this an answer to the problem of making systemic change? Or is it a way to feel like we are sharing the wealth and thus more able to feel good about ourselves? These are complicated questions., and ones I can’t pretend to answer easily. I keep coming back to a question posed by one of this workshop’s speakers…what is our responsibility to take care of other people’s children? I think we know who the “others” are.


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